The Morph for Art

#MorphMade Art

With the Art Overlay, you’re no longer restricted to creating masterpieces with styli.  Since the Morph can detect anything with mass, feel free to go back to the golden days of creating art with paintbrushes, pencil and pen over paper, or even your fingers — all on a digital art tablet.

An artist in his studio using the sensel morph as a digital art tablet with a paintbrush

The Sensel Morph for Art: Joshua Ellingson

The specifications and capabilities of the sensel morph art overlay for use of the morph as an art tablet

Art Overlay

The Art Overlay has customizeable and re-mappable buttons to help you perfect your work flow.  Some of the buttons are preset but you can change them to suit what works best for you.  You will also be able to de-activate the side buttons on either side of the overlay, depending on if you’re a Lefty or Righty.  You can use it with a stylus, pen or pencil, your fingers, or a paintbrush, and there is a special mode for each.

To learn more about how to use your favorite art software with The Morph, visit our Software Compatability Page

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