The Morph for Music

#MorphMade Music

The Morph is every musician’s missing ingredient.  The device communicates in MIDI, so you can use it with all of your favorite music software the same way you’d use any MIDI device. The multi-touch and pressure sensitivity allows musicians to take advantage of an array of features, including pitch-bending, velocity control, after-touch pressure control, device-tiling and more.  Not to mention it’s lightweight and a piece of cake to lug around, whether you’re taking it to perform at a live show or just jamming on the go.  We have 3 overlays for musicians with more to come.

The Sensel Morph for Music: Adriano Clemente

The specifications and capabilities of the sensel morph music music production midi controller overlay

Music Production Overlay

The Music Production Overlay, we wanted to partner with experts in the field of music who could create an interface to benefit the entire music community. In April of 2015, we partnered with Dubspot, a world-class DJ school in New York, to design this Overlay.

The specifications and capabilities of the sensel morph piano overlay

Piano Overlay

The Piano Overlay is fully-functional with 24-keys.  By tiling, you can combine up to 4 devices and create a full sized piano!  You can use this Overlay to achieve the classical grand piano sound, as a synth, and more.

The specifications and capabilities of the sensel morph drum pad overlay

Drum Kit Overlay

The Drum Kit Overlay is great for finger drumming or as a much more compact replacement for your traditional drum kit while you’re on the go.  When this overlay is placed on the Morph, the device will automatically enter high-scan mode in order to capture all moments of contact, no matter how fast you’re drumming!

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