The Sensel Morph

Interaction, Evolved.

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Your life is dynamic, isn’t it time your devices are, too?

The Sensel Morph is a multi-touch, pressure sensitive input device built with the world's most advanced touch technology.  Our Pressure Grid ™ Technology allows the device to sense touches through any flexible material and Morph into different forms depending on what Overlay is placed on top. In other words, you can now use a single device as an Art Tablet, Midi Controller, Media Editor, Game Controller, Keyboard, and virtually anything else you can dream up. Let the Morph be the tool to fuel your innovative spirit. 

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The Sensel Morph with the QWERTY keyboard overlay, music production overlay, and art overlay



Bluetooth Transmitter

Power Button

Status LED

LED Visual Feedback Strip

Multi-Touch Pressure Sensitive Active Area

High Force Sensitivity

Approx. 20,000 pressure sensors 5g - 5kg sensing range per touch (32,000 levels)

High Frame Rate

Full Resolution Mode: 125 Hz (8 ms latency)
High Speed Mode: 500 Hz (2 ms latency)

Precise Tracking

6502 dpi

Versatile Connectivity

Bluetooth LE, USB, Serial (enabled with Innovator's Kit)

On-the-Go Power

USB, Rechargeable Battery

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